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Our goals

  • Addressing social problems and their roots

  • Help in overcoming personal and community related obstacles

  • Taking initiatives in improving the living conditions of women

  • Identifying personal, material and institutional benefits

  • Creating suitable living conditions including psychological and material support, as well as promoting education which will allow women to actively take part in the society

  • Helping women to realize their social rights and take advantage of them

  • Empower women to consciously become aware of responsibility, tolerance and autonomy

Our tasks

  • To support women and strengthen them by offering psychosocial counselling services and promoting education and wellbeing

  • To help women take an informed decision concerning their life and to help them overcome obstacles in their everyday life

  • To take advantage of all possibilities open to us, this may also include referral to other services and institutions depending on the individual needs of the women

  • Building a network which includes all major players in this field of work, to ensure better communication and to bring forward the interests of marginalized and socially disadvantaged groups

  • Assessing our capacities as well as our limitations, which will help us define new responsibilities and prevent the social exclusion of marginalized groups

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