We offer anonymous, low-threshold and free of charge counselling for Turkish and Arabic speaking women. In the case of forced marriage and abduction we advise all girls and women, regardless of their origin and nationality.

Furthermore, we provide counselling on residence law, financial, psychosocial, health and in certain cases legal problems and issues arising from the above-mentioned topics.

Our basic education courses (German language skills, literacy, numeracy, digital competences) including childcare are open to women of all nationalities and affiliations.


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Forced marriage is violence!

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  • Family & partnership problems

  • Violence & abuse

  • Forced marriage

  • Female genital mutilation (awareness raising and educational work)

  • Generational conflicts





Family and PArtnerSHIP Problems

  • Turkish and Austrian family law as well as family law in the Arabic speaking countries

  • Information about divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division

  • Escort to offices of authorities, courts, etc.

Violence and Abuse

  • Support and help in cases of domestic and structural violence

  • Information about the legislation on protection against violence in Austria

  • Escort to offices of authorities

FORCED marriage

  • Individual counselling for victims of forced marriage and their parents in cases in which forced marriage is planned

  • Coordinated crisis intervention in cases in which girls are directly threatened by forced marriage

  • Contacting lawyers in case of divorce or marriage annulment

  • Crisis shelter for girls and young women who are threatened or affected by forced marriage

Generation COnflicts

  • Mediation and conflict resolution in generational conflicts (between mothers and daughters or parents and children)

Legal Advice

  • Complementary to these issues we also give legal advice and counselling on the following issues:

  • Austrian alien law

  • Naturalisation

  • Alien employment legislation



The aim of our awareness-raising work is to educate and sensitize multipliers

We address multipliers through several sensitizing workshop formats. Searching for support - especially on the topics of forced marriage, FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and generational conflicts - does not always take the direct route to counselling centres such as Orient Express. Often teachers, social workers, employees in youth institutions and family judges are contacted as possible supporters.

These professional target groups require information, professional training and sensitisation with regard to the above-mentioned topics.

The content of these trainings will be prepared individually according to specific requests.

For further information on our workshop offers please contact us at office@orientexpress-wien.com or via our contact form.

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Orient Express

Schönngasse 15-17 / Top 2, A - 1020 Wien

Tel: +43 (1) 728 97 25 | Fax: +43 (1) 728 97 25-13

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