Orient Express offers literacy and basic education courses (German, numeracy, digital skills) for women with little or no schooling. Our aim is offer a space in our learning centre where participants can feel comfortable and learn well. The courses are openly designed and oriented towards the needs of the learners.

As a women's organisation, we focus on expanding the scope of action of women on a private and social level as well as their political participation. Together with the participants, we develop tools for an autonomous way of life that includes social participation. Creativity, motivation and joy are important aspects of our educational work that support the development of potential. Our basic education classes are open and oriented towards the needs of the participants.

We offer literacy courses (Alpha 1-Alpha 4) as well as A1-A2 courses according to the needs of the participants.

How to reach us:

Orient Express Lernzentrum

Email: lernzentrum@orientexpress-wien.com

Phone: 01/728 97 25 30 (Tuesday 11:30-14:30/Thursday 13:00-16:00)

Address: Schönngasse 15-17/8 (4th floor), 1020 Vienna

The contents of the basic education courses are based on the following criteria:

  • The language level descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

  • Participants’ interests and needs

  • Existing resources and competences of the learners

  • Authentic communication situations and materials relevant to the participants

  • An appreciative attitude towards the learning pace and progress of the learners. The aim is that each participant receives attention, recognition and encouragement with her individual learning pace and progress.


our basic education courses

Depending on the needs of the participants, we offer the following course levels:

Basic education for women: Alfa 1

The course is aimed at women with no or very little previous knowledge of writing and reading. In addition to letters, syllables and words, basic knowledge of the German language as well as basic skills in numeracy and handling digital media are taught.


Basic education for women: Alfa 2

The course is aimed at women with little previous knowledge of reading and writing. The reading of syllables, simple words and sentences is practiced. Participants get familiar with first reading and writing strategies. Vocabulary work and speech exercises are oriented towards everyday life. In the field of numeracy, additions and subtractions are practised.


Basic education for women: Alfa 3

In this course the participants have the opportunity to develop their reading and writing skills. In addition, there are first grammar topics as well as everyday vocabulary work, conversations and speaking exercises, writing own short texts, etc. Additions and subtractions in the number range of 1-100 are practiced. In the area of digital skills, the use of interfaces, Word, learning portals etc. is practised


Basic education for women: Alfa 4

The course is aimed at participants with advanced reading and writing skills. The syllable-by-syllable reading will be deepened, there will be a concentration on language structures (e.g. articles), memorizing language building blocks, as well as focus on first grammatical structures in writing and speaking. Additions and subtractions in the number range 1-100 are deepened.


Basic education for women: A1

This course is aimed at participants who have little or no knowledge of German. Contents are basic elements of the German language and writing, greeting formulas, days of the week, the numbers, elementary communication in everyday situations (doctor's visits, leisure activities), time and place information, elementary information about yourself and others, writing short texts about yourself, filling out simple forms and much more. The content in mathematics and digital literacy is based on the interests and previous knowledge of the participants.


Basic education for women: A2

This course is aimed at women with previous knowledge of the German language. The learning objectives include: being able to participate in simple conversations, making appointments, planning joint activities, telling the past, expressing reasons, conditions and preferences, talking about wishes and problems, and much more. The content in mathematics and digital literacy is based on the interests and previous knowledge of the participants.



All courses are offered with childcare and educational counselling (both are free of charge)!


Educational counselling

For our course participants we offer advice on the following topics:

  • Training and further education opportunities in Austria

  • Career advice

  • Financing possibilities for education and training

  • Job application trainings

  • etc.


EU-Project Erasmus+ “RESET: Building Resilience in Basic Education“



The project aims to improve and extend the supply of high quality opportunities tailored to the needs of adults with basic education needs, to provide lifelong learning support, to promote social inclusion and to extend and develop the competences of educators and other personnel who support adult learners. RESET will develop and evaluate innovative methodologies and toolkits for the promotion of resilience within various settings of basic education and provide pedagogical and psychoeducational guidance for Education Professionals and Stakeholders.



funded by:

Theatre & Dramapedagogical


In cooperation with graduates of the Institut für Angewandtes Theater  (IFANT) we were able to offer drama and theatre pedagogical workshops for participants of our basic training courses in the winter semester 2019. Topics included:


  • Voice and speech training

  • Improvisation

  • Acting Training

  • Teambuilding

  • Bodywork

  • Reaction Training



In our basic education classes we use authentic learning materials, based on the interests, needs and learning goals of the participants.

The documents provided here have been developed over the years in literacy classes at Orient Express.

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