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Webinar 20.05.2022

Forced marriage & kin-based gender violence:

an international & intersectional perspective


In this webinar, forced marriage will be examined from an intersectional perspective. Special attention is given to the target group of women with disabilities.

International experts on forced marriage will give an introduction and a thematic overview on the intersections of forced marriage and disabilities.

The prevention project "Shirin Speaks!" of Orient Express will also be shortly presented.

The webinar is completed with a 30 minute Q&A round.

Aims and objectives:

The webinar aims to raise awareness among a broad public in general and front line professionals working with the addressed target groups (girls and young women with a migration history, some of whom are affected by impairment/disability) in particular on the issues of kinship-based gender violence and forced marriage.

The main focus of the webinar is to gather best practices and also profit from the experiences and knowledge of international experts in the field. The aim is to help frontline professionals better understand the specific target group and therefore be able to recognize and detect such cases within the target group.

One of the main objectives is to give compact information on the topic and on the specific situation of the target group.

Registration is available through the following link:


Rachael Clawson is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Social Work at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her expertise lies in forced marriage of children and adults with learning disabilities and predatory marriage of older, vulnerable adults who may lack capacity to consent. She has undertaken a number of research projects on the issue, has published papers and contributed to HM Government Statutory Guidance on forced marriage. She also has a website which contains information, reports and free resources. The website is

Professor Aisha K. Gill, Ph.D. CBE is Professor of Criminology at University of Roehampton, UK. Her main areas of interest and research focus on health and criminal justice responses to violence against Black, minority ethnic and refugee women in UK, Georgia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Libya, India, Pakistan and Yemen. She has been involved in addressing the problem of violence against women and girls/, 'honour' crimes and forced marriage at the grassroots/activist level for the past 21 years. Her recent publications include articles on crimes related to the murder of women/femicide, ‘honour’ killings, coercion and forced marriage, child sexual exploitation and sexual abuse in South Asian/Kurdish and Somali communities, female genital mutilation, sex selective abortions, intersectionality and women who kill. 100+ peer-reviewed publications including in British Journal of Criminology, Criminal Justice Policy Review, Feminist Criminology, and Violence against Women Journal. She is editorial member of the British Journal of Criminology. In 2019, she was appointed Co-Chair of End Violence Against Women Coalition. In 2021, she was appointed to the CEDAW People’s Tribunal hearings. Her new book on Child Sexual Abuse in Black and Minoritised Communities: Improving Legal, Policy and Practical Responses (Gill and Begum, 2022), will be available to pre-order soon.

Programme Webinar Forced Marriage 20.05.2022
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